About Us

About Jet Fete™

Jet Fete™ was designed with the globetrotting bride-to-be in mind. From far off adventures for two to grand celebrations on location – Jet Fete is the engaged couple’s go-to guide for saying “I do” away from home. Whether you want tips on where to wed when taking your friends and family with you or a grooms’ guide to planning the honeymoon, you can look to Jet Fete as the destination for nuptial travel. Brought to you by The Bridal Bar®, readers know that what we cover here, we would book for ourselves. Sleep tight in your open air suite in the Caribbean knowing The Bridal Bar only brings you the best of the best for your big day – tried, true, and tested.

So pack your bags and come away with us on Jet Fete. The happy marriage of luxurious getaways, inspired events, and expert advice for jet setting brides and grooms.

About The Bridal Bar®:

the bridal bar wedding resourcesThe Bridal Bar is a revolutionary concept in the way couples plan weddings. Founded on the principle of high-touch top notch service, our storefronts in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Atlanta are dedicated to providing expert advice, inspired ideas, and top-notch vetted vendor recommendations for weddings and special events. A complimentary service to the bride and groom, The Bridal Bar is your one-stop wedding shop where concepts come to life with the convenience of one central location, an inviting atmosphere where some of the best in the bridal business are represented.

Founded in 2004, The Bridal Bar has become synonymous with celebrity weddings and exceptional event service. Featured in 100+ media stories, including outlets such as Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, The New Yorker, The Associated Press, Town and Country Weddings, and People Magazine, The Bridal Bar has made its imprint on local weddings and with the launch of Jet Fete by Bridal Bar, the brand is going global.

About the Founder:

harmony walton bridal barCiao!  I’m Harmony Walton, The founder of The Bridal Bar® and Jet Fete™.  What’s my background?  Well, I went to UCLA (for poli sci – ops) and not long after college, through a chain of several meant-to-be moments, I found myself immersed in weddings as a contributing editor of a national bridal magazine and I was hooked.  But I wanted more.  It was during that time that I saw a void in the luxury wedding market and decided to fill it.  I created a place, something special if I may, where brides and exceptional event professionals alike could gather, learn, be inspired and connect.  And so came The Bridal Bar, as a safe haven for engaged couples looking to plan their big day in an interactive, high-touch and helpful environment.

From there the company had the incredible of honor of working with several A-List celebrities on their big days and thus many, many press placements followed.  Thanks to the notoriety of the brand, I was given the opportunity to expand into two other markets outside of Los Angeles, and so there are currently three stores – LA, San Diego, and Atlanta.

When it was time to grow again, we grew in a different way – through the expansion into the home goods and registry market under the division of Bridal Bar Home by Jennifer Adams. This joint venture has begun with a collection of luxury bed linens that are so beyond soft, no computer screen could describe.  The products make for great wedding gifts for discerning wedding guests and registering couples.  The Bridal Bar now takes couples beyond their wedding and back to bed as newlyweds :).

And then came Jet Fete.  Jet Fete by Bridal Bar was conceived as my answer to The Bridal Bar model in destination weddings.  Our local stores help couples understand what they need to know when planning a wedding, shop for the perfect (and honest) wedding professional, and provide them with ideas to make their day oh-so special and all at no charge.  Jet Fete takes that same desire for quality and expands our reach across the globe.  And since traveling is when I’m my most happiest, it made perfect sense to share in that love of new places with you.

And viola – that’s me!  So visit often and enjoy our findings and what’s to come!