The Best Places to Safari on a Honeymoon


Planning your honeymoon should begin by looking at the top of your travel bucket list and checking the box!  This is no ordinary vacation, nor should you treat it as such.  What have you always wanted to do together that perhaps you’ve never done?  Where do you want to go that you’ve never been?  Where can you find romance, relaxation, and a bit of adventure all-in-one with something for both of you to enjoy?  Have you considered a honeymoon on safari?  Chances are it will be a new experience for you both and even if not, no two safari experiences are the same.

You’ll find peace and quiet, privacy, relaxation and romance, but you’ll also find adventure, a connection and bond with nature, and based on my personal experience, an awe-inspiring set of memories you’ll never forget!  A safari is truly a once-in-a-lifetime incredible experience!  But where to go and what to?  How do you plan that unforgettable trip?  We chatted with safari and honeymoon experts, DK Grand Safaris to get the scoop on where and how to plan the perfect safari vacation for newlyweds.


A trip to East Africa is a must according to DK Grand Safaris.  You can visit the Masai Mara Game Reserve, a world-renowned safari destination and even end on a beautiful beach so you get the best of both worlds (just in case that tropical honeymoon sounds good to you too).

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For a jaw-dropping sight courtesy of Mother Nature complete with natural romance all around, make sure to select a safari with a stop at Victoria Falls, where the boarder of Zambia and Zimbabwe forms.  Talk about a romantic walk in the park!


Or maybe a sweet hot air balloon ride for two is more your speed.  Then experience the Masai Mara from above with views you can’t get any other way and you won’t soon forget.


And if seeing the famous “Big Five” is at the top of your bucket list, then DK Grand Safaris also suggests the Masai Mara for a great chance of catching them all.  They recommend you “focus on the private conservancies, and if you’re visiting between the August to November migration, your chances of seeing lions on the hunt are high.”

Or consider the private reserves that border famed Kruger National Park, specifically Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve.  DK Grand Safaris say leopards are fairly common here and you’ll often see the Big 5 in just a couple of days.

One more recommendation for checking the Big 5 off your bucket list?  “Private game reserves in the Eastern Cape as well as the far northern Madikwe Private Game Reserve offer fantastically easy Big 5 game viewing in a malaria-free, family-friendly environment though it should be noted that leopards are extremely elusive in these reserves.”


Or visit one of the new seven wonders of the world.  You can experience the famous wildebeest migration complete with millions zebras, elands, and topis.  You can do this two times during the year either in the Serengeti National Park (in Feb/March) or Masai Mara Game Reserve (in July-Sept) and you’re in for a NatGO-style real-life movie!


You can plan a safari experience that suits your needs to take you just where you want to go for as long as you see fit.  So determine in advance just how much time you plan to spend in the great outdoors and select a safari that runs the right amount of time for you – between one day and two weeks typically.  DK Grand Safaris suggests a minimum of 7 to 10 days for a great range for honeymooners.  Remember, you’ll have a bit of wedding lag and jet lag to start, and you’ll be traveling between locations so this ensures plenty of time with the animals too!  But whatever suits you best, they can customize accordingly!


Then for a bit of a beach honeymoon mixed with the adventure of a safari, head to the East Africa Indian Ocean at the end of your journey and experience calm blue waters and all the beach sports you can imagine (and let DK Grand Safaris do all the planning for you).


DK Grand Safaris has something for everyone looking for that ultimate safari honeymoon experience. From meals to lodging to touring the Serengeti, they’ve curated packages to ensure you have the best possible safari experience…and if you don’t see one that’s just right, they’ll customize for you too!

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