5 Destinations that are Travel Deals

paris wedding

Photo: French Grey Photography via SMP

CNN just released a bit of news about five travel destinations that just got more affordable for Americans to travel to!  If you’re entertaining ideas for your destination wedding or honeymoon spot, then consider a few of these to say “I do” to.

1. Paris!  What could be more romantic than a honeymoon under the Eiffel Tower?  Roundtrip airfare is at a steal of a price right now!  …As are many other European destinations that have dropped in fare from last year.

2. Brazil.  Enjoy dropping airfare costs and the conversation rate of the dollar and your exotic honeymoon will be a fraction of the price in recent years.

four seasons safari camp

Photo: Four Seasons

3.  South Africa Safari.  South Africa’s currency is losing value and that means you’ll save when you touch down (from a flight that’s decreased in cost recently too).  If you ever wanted to see the Big Five on Safari, now might be just the time to say “I do!”

4. Russia.  While they may have a public relations problem on their hands, they now also have falling hotel prices, airfare costs and currency rates…giving you the deal of the lifetime if you ever wanted to go with your true love to Russia.

brazil destination weding

Photo: Cory Weber

5. Columbia.  If you’ve considered South America before, now is a great time to go to Columbia.  This budding locale is seeing an increase in tourism and a drop in cost.