5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Private Jet for Your Wedding Party

Weddings are memorable for many reasons, especially when you splurge on all the things you love. You get to choose your favorite foods for your reception and the music for your first dance. Brides also have to consider where they’ll get married, which could require a travel strategy.


If you need a transportation solution, check out these five reasons why you should hire a private jet for your wedding party. Skip the painful lines and crowded conditions of commercial airlines by choosing a more efficient and stress-free charter flight instead.

1. Fly Whenever You Want


Buying a regular plane ticket means you’re stuck with a predetermined flight schedule. You have to schedule your day around when you’ll get to the airport and potential layovers. A private jet means you can fly whenever you want, even for an early vacation.


Charter a private jet and use it to get away with your loved ones for your bridal shower or bachelorette party. Soar into the skies on the morning of your wedding without worrying about flight cancellations or overbooking. Private jets take away all your last-minute worries and open new opportunities for fun before your ceremony.

2. Keep Your Dress Safe


Traveling with a wedding dress is always risky. Stuffing it in a suitcase will crush the fabric and leave unsightly wrinkles. You also never know if it might get lost with other luggage and not make it to your destination venue.


Although you can use helpful travel tips to protect your dress, a private jet removes every potential pitfall. You can lay your dress flat or hang it to avoid wrinkles. You’ll always know exactly where it is and not worry about people spilling or stepping on it. Plus, luggage restrictions won’t keep you from bringing essentials like a handheld steamer to freshen your dress after landing.

3. Save More Money


Private jets are much more cost-effective than you might expect. Round-trip commercial flights sell for thousands of dollars, but private jets cost less than a first-class ticket, especially if you use it one-way. After paying the initial fee, no one has to pay for their individual flights and everyone arrives at the same time.


Saving money is one of the many reasons why you should hire a private jet for your wedding party. Call around to get a few quotes and compare your options to see which planes fit your travel budget.

4. Bring Any Wedding Supplies


Shipping your wedding supplies to your venue is a pain. The fees will soar if you have to ship internationally, but the other traditional option is to load everything into checked luggage. Even though you can take steps to retrieve lost or misplaced luggage, you might have to walk down the aisle without the decor you bought if your bags end up on a different flight by accident.


When you hire a private jet, you can bring any wedding supplies you like. You’ll know exactly where everything is and never worry about losing what you need. You also get the opportunity to bring larger decor that wouldn’t fit in a suitcase, like your altar setup.

5. Enjoy a Private Escape


It’s also stressful to rush out of your wedding hotel to jump on a commercial flight to your honeymoon. Stress should be the last thing on your mind as a newlywed. A private jet waits for you, so you can take your time getting ready and packing your things after your ceremony. Sleep in a little bit and enjoy that breakfast in bed. Private jets put the control back in your hands.

Talk About Pitching In


These are some of the top reasons why you should hire a private jet for your wedding party, so talk with your friends and family. Discuss the possibility of everyone pitching in to pay for the flight. You’ll enjoy all these benefits and more when you ditch commercial flights and take to the skies in luxury.