5 Tips to Choosing Your Honeymoon + Making it Memorable

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The trip of a lifetime – your honeymoon.  Where to go?  What to do?  How to make it romantic and yet still you?  We’ve got a few tips to making your trip as memorable as you imagine it to be!

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1. Go somewhere neither of you have been before!  Experiencing someplace new together will allow you to make new memories together with the bias of stories past or someone having an agenda having been there before.

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2. Compromise on downtime and adventure time!  Don’t plan to do nothing – boredom can set in, even on your honeymoon.  Select a spot that has activities for you too, even a day trip to a nearby island or an afternoon out on a boat.  If you’re in town, take in a local sporting event or see the sights.

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3. Book your activities in advance!  Don’t touch down somewhere expecting to swim with the dolphins if you haven’t called ahead and booked the excursion.  Make sure to talk to your hotel well in advance about making dinner reservations, booking activities, spa treatments, and anything else that you may want to do.  You can usually cancel, but sometimes you can’t get in if it’s too late.

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4. Surprise him or her when you arrive!  Kick off the honeymoon by planning a little surprise.  Have his favorite beer waiting in the room.  Have a small honeymoon gift sent ahead for her.  Chances are the hotel will give you a honeymooners amenity upon check in, but this is something sweet and sentimental you did for your spouse, to set the tone for a great trip.

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5. Don’t go the day after the big day!  You went to all this trouble to plan a magical vacation, the last thing you want to do is sleep through it.  Trust us, you’ll be tired.  Give yourself as much recovery time as possible in between the wedding day and honeymoon to sleep it off at home and then go enjoy your trip.

Happy Travels!