10 Things to Do on a Bermuda Honeymoon or at a Destination Wedding

I recently visited the island of Bermuda for the first time and feel in love with this forgotten favorite for vacationers. Just 90 minutes from New York and a stone’s through from the coast of North Carolina, the crystal blue waters and pink sand beaches look like a postcard from the Caribbean, but it’s actually in the Atlantic, in a place all its own. And what the country has to offer guests, specifically for destination weddings and honeymoons, is certainly worth writing home about. So take a look at our top ten must-do activities and sites during your destination wedding stay in Bermuda.


1. Swim with the Dolphins: Dolphin Quest offers up private and group swims with dolphins right in the Atlantic waters of the harbor. Tucked into their own enclosed natural habitat, these happy-as-can-be dolphins will perform tricks for you, give kisses, teach you a thing or two about conservation, and all around love on you while you and your trainer swim with and even dance with these beautiful creatures. This is a bucket list item done well by the team in Bermuda – an experience you will never forget!


2. Jet Ski among Ship Wrecks: Take a guided tour of one of the hundreds of shipwrecked vessels along the coast and reef of Bermuda – all by jet ski with Island Sports Centre! Your personable guides will show you a wild time at high speeds while you explore the island from a different perspective. Take a dip off the side to swim with sea turtles and take time out to feed the fish too! If speed, sun, and sea are your favorite things in life, then this is for you!


3. Get a Couple’s Massage in a Cave: You read that right – there’s a spa in the center of the Crystal Caves of Bermuda. These breathtaking caverns are lined with sparkles of limestone and chandelier clusters and complete with floating docks holding cabanas for two. Get locked into this other world below sea level and enjoy the most romantic couple’s massage on earth at Grotto Bay Beach Resort. Just imagine getting treated together as you hear the natural sounds of the cave waters below your beds in total privacy from the outside world. It’s once in a lifetime kind of romance.

fairmont bermuda

4. Dine at Waterlot Inn: For one of the best meals on the island, put your jackets on and head out for a swanky night on the town at this posh eatery at the Fairmont Southampton. The steakhouse has an old-world charm, and plenty of history to back it up. And their service today boasts that old time luxury not found many places anymore. Case in point – order up Caesar salad for two and they’ll make it for you tableside. That goes for dessert too! Regardless what you order, just don’t leave without tasting the truffle mac n’ cheese or you’ll regret it.

5. Swizzle Inn and Swagger Out at The Swizzle Inn: When in Bermuda, do as the locals do and drink up a Rum Swizzle (similar to a rum punch with a kick) and have it at the famous Swizzle Inn. A pub-like restaurant, dine inside or out on local favorites while you sip pitchers of Rum Swizzle in the sun.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the rest of our top ten ideas for an amazing honeymoon in Bermuda!

{Top Image: The Reefs, Middle Three Images: Grotto Bay, Bottom Image: Fairmont Southampton}