Book Room Blocks Through Appy Couple

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Did you know that your guests can actually book their hotel rooms through your room blocks on your wedding website now?!  Okay, that’s a mouthful but let me break it down for you.  Our buddies over at Appy Couple, the custom wedding website and app company, have recently launched technology that allows for seamless booking of your hotel rooms!  No more listing your hotels online and alerting your guests to call to reserve their discounted room (in hopes they remember your special code for a special price).  Now you just direct your guests to your wedding app or website and they can click and purchase right then and there the hotel rooms they want for your wedding.  We love it!

But that’s not all we love.  You know we love a reader hookup so we’ve also got an Appy Couple discount code for you too.  Simply shop and save by using PROMO CODE BB25 at checkout and get a deal on any wedding website you purchase!

custom wedding website


Appy Couple has over 500+ designs to choose from, many specific to destination weddings so we know you’ll find just the right look and feel for your big day.  Then let the planning begin!  Just enter PROMO CODE BB25 at checkout on Appy Couple and save as our thanks to you!

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