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Jamie and Ray traveled from New York to Boca Grande, Florida for their tented destination wedding at the lovely Gasparilla Inn.  A large event for a destination wedding, this couple was all about family!

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Jamie shared their story of love and loved ones with us.  “When we started to think about our wedding we talked a lot about what is important to us. Family and friends. Since we have family and friends all over the country we knew this was our opportunity to show everyone how much we mean to each other, but also how much they mean to us. So we didn’t want it to be a one night event.  After hiring Georgia, she assisted us in finding the perfect venue. With her expertise, we chose the Gasparilla Inn. We wanted all of our friends and family to be on one island together.”Boca Grande wedding locationmen's wedding ringsceremony cherry blossom structurecherry blossom wedding flowersflorida weddingsflorida destination weddings

“We wrote our own ceremony. We really wanted it to be personal. Not about how we met, but who we are as a couple on the inside. We wanted people to really hear how we felt about each other. And, also, how we felt about our families. We truly feel that our union isn’t just about us…but about 2 families truly becoming one. We were also so excited by the thought of our lives truly intersecting in every way ~ meaning all the people who mean so much to us as a couple learning about each other, and hopefully enjoying each other as much as we enjoy them.”

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 “We both felt it was important for me to give a vow to Ray’s three children, Grace (14), Raymond (12), and Erin (10). As I was marrying their father, I was also making a commitment to them. I promised to love them, support them, and guide them, and to believe in them always. And I pledged to always include them in the love I have for their father.”

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“Orange is my favorite color. And Erin’s favorite color, Ray’s 10 years old daughter, is pink. So that is how we chose the colors of our wedding.”

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The couple’s wedding planner, Georgia Watson explained the palette particulars.  “From our first design appointment, Jamie expressed that the colors of mango, apricot, peaches, pinks, were all part of what she imagined.  The ceremony was kept soft, with pale pink blooming branches and the natural botanical feel. When guests arrived at cocktail hour they were introduced to more color. I found a perfect linen that incorporated the watercolor element with the hues. The wicker lounge pieces were accented with pillows of the paler colors.”

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“The bride loved the “Moroccan flair” and the groom was liking more of the “south Beach Chic” design. So we gave them both!  The round tables were dressed in a beautiful Mango Lamour, with floral of all her colors represented on each table. The long rectangular tables were bare, with simply a solid mango runner, to help pull it all together. The chiavari chairs were accented with satin seat covers, while the mahogany tables were given two vintage chairs at the heads.  After dinner the guests were surprised with TWO lounges that were revealed on each side of the tent. One with all white leather furniture and glowing tables, and the other with Moroccan styled canopy beds for relaxing.”

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The reception wasn’t just about the visuals; the bride had a special surprise in mind for her groom.  “As thoughtful as we wanted our ceremony to be…we wanted the reception to be a party! When I was in college me and my friends won a mock rock with me lip synching “Fire” by the Pointer Sisters. Ray saw the tape of it and loved it! So, as a surprise, I started to take singing lessons at Kidz Hitz with Ray’s daughter Erin…I was the only adult.” 

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Ray loved the surprise of course!! “Jamie Blew everyone away!!!Mostly me….Out she comes in this sexy white dress and crazy awesome blue shoes, and on comes Fire…I am sure she is planning on lip syncing with her college girls, so i grab a few and tell them it is time to get on stage and they have no idea what i am talking about…then it hits me, she is singing, and killing it..and for icing on the cake confetti from the crowd for every chorus…highlight of the reception….”

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A great time was had by all and the day was just as this darling couple wanted it to be.  “We were just so lucky to have all our vendors. They totally fit into the feeling we envisioned for our wedding. We felt like we knew them and that they knew us. There were no strangers at our wedding. We just loved our wedding. There is absolutely nothing we would have done differently. In fact, I never imagined my wedding could be that beautiful! The love that we felt under the tent was overwhelming. There was so much happiness and joy. In our ceremony we wrote that we wanted everyone to send us off into our future with one outrageous, gigantic, blessing…and that is what they did.”

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 Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Destination Wedding Photographer:  Photography by Michael

 Wedding Vendors:  Wedding Planner: Weddings by Georgia, Location: Gasparilla Inn, Floral: Botanica, Video: Jeffry Stoner Video, Tent: Tent Logix


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