Indian Wedding Details


I am absolutely fascinated by Indian culture, especially Indian weddings. I think they’re beautiful, rich, bold and not to mention they look like a ton of fun to be at. Indian weddings are filled with bright and cheery colors which are sure to get anyone off their chairs and onto the dance floor! Remember that oranges, pinks, purples, and reds are among the most common colors when planning an Indian wedding. Other colors can be also be incorporated of course, as long as the palette is vivid. One of my personal favorite things about Indian wedding is the amount of detail that goes into getting the Bride ready. From henna to ornate jewelry, every bride can mix this into their wedding day look even if they are not Indian. Indian weddings are all about celebrating new life with your new partner, and of course what better way to say you’re married than a huge party? Sounds fun to me!

indian wedding deets

{Cover Photo: Sweet Little Photographs, Henna: Wedding Bells, Seating Place: via Rubies & Ribbon, Groom: White Magazine, Dessert: Rachelle’s, Statue: Timmester Photography via United with Love, Bride: Black Box Photography via One Fab Day}