Mexican Textile Inspired Weddings

I love to look around at my surroundings when getting inspired for wedding decor.  If you’re planning a destination wedding in Mexico, perhaps at a fabulous hacienda or estate, then consider using their blankets to inspire you!  Sounds funny?  Not really; Mexico is known for their beautiful and often brightly colored blankets and other folk art.  So why not incorporate what the locals make into your wedding?  A great way to snuggle up for the after party, a perfect welcome bag gift, and even great inspiration for a cake, table runner, or cookie favor!  It’s Missoni before their time.  How will you color your wedding?

mexican blanket wedding

{Photos: Bride: Getting Married Destinations, Couple: Stephanie Williams Photography,  Two Tabletops: Nancy Neil via OnceWed, Blankets: Etsy, Cookies: Edible Crafts, Cake: Heavy Cake


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  1. I like this idea for a destination wedding, bold colors!  My cousin and his spouse met at a Mexico beach resort – this would’ve been a great incorporation into their wedding. 

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