Nautical Wedding Ideas for the Fourth of July

In honor of Fourth of July, why not celebrate with a nautical-themed wedding? Have a destination wedding set near the beach, or a cool, breezy, lake! Have your color palette be red, white, and blue– the perfect colors for nautical-themed wedding. You can keep the traditions of the Fourth of July by serving BBQ during the reception, and having a firework show at the end of the night. The holiday will be a great time to have a destination wedding, since everyone will have the day off! Enjoy the holiday with all your close family and friends!

nautical themed weddings\

{Photos: Sailor Love: We Love Pictures; Couple: Michelle March via Ruffled Blog; Red Cake: Michelle March via Ruffled Blog; Table Setting: Alea Lovely via Ruffled Blog; Couple in Boat: Trent Bailey Photography; Sailboat Cake: Stephanie Hunter Photography}