Hot Honeymoon Beauty Products

If you’re anything like me, maintaining a chic appearance in a tropical climate doesn’t come about as naturally as you might like. Worry not! I have gathered a few tips along the way…

Take into consideration your tan-ability; do you tend to burn at the sight of the sun or have you been blessed with beach friendly skin? Whichever category you fall into, its always a good idea to bring a big floppy hat that you can roll up and toss into your beach bag (which also delivers the added benefit of  bad beach hair camouflage).

The heat brings on extra perspiration that carries into the evening as well, especially in humid locations; arm yourself with blot papers. MAC makes a winning version.

Sand is a natural exfoliant; get your buff on at the beach! Take a sit at the water’s edge and exfoliate your legs, arms and feet. Voila! Honeymoon-smooth skin.

Keep it simple. I try to keep my vacation makeup ritual to a minimum. Waterproof mascara and a light colored gloss looks chic and location appropriate. I love Benefit’s lip gloss in Kiss Me for this exact purpose.

I always travel to sunny destinations with an extra bottle of foundation in a shade darker than my normal hue. I’ll mix some of the darker shade with my usual depending on just how tan I get. Makeup crisis avoided! Seal your look with a face mist. Try Mario Badescu’s rose face spray.

honeymoon beauty products