What Jewelry to Wear to a Wedding, Based on Destination


Whether you’re the bride or just a guest, you share one commonality — it’s hard to decide what to wear to a wedding, right down to the bling that completes the outfit. Add on top of that the tone of a destination wedding, and you’ve got an even tougher challenge to choose the jewelry to wear to a wedding that suits both you and the backdrop.

To make that task easier, here are four popular wedding destinations — and how both brides and guests can accessorize for them.

Beach Wedding

The beach is the quintessential destination wedding location, so listen up: You’ve got to keep beach breezes in mind when you select your jewelry. You don’t want long dangly earrings getting tangled in your hair because of the wind. To that end, brides may want to rethink a veil, too, since it could get blown away.

Instead, guests should rock rings, bangles and stud earrings — accessories that will stay in place. Rather than a veil, the bride might consider a bejeweled hair comb or even a birdcage, since they’re sturdier than flowy veils.


City Wedding

On the other end of the spectrum is the city wedding. Now, popular opinion might tell you less is more, especially when you’re a bride. But you can ditch this advice when you’re marrying in the middle of a bustling metropolis. With so much going on, you want to make sure all eyes are on you, the bride.

Don’t be shy to bling yourself out with statement chandelier earrings or an eye-catching necklace. The same goes for wedding guests, who can add even more flash with a clutch in the metallic tone of their choice.

Mountain Wedding

Changing leaves are highly romantic and provide so much inspiration for wedding-planning brides. It’s no surprise you’re headed to say “I do” — or to watch others make their vows — amid such a stunning backdrop.

Draw your accessory inspiration from what you see. As a bride, don’t limit yourself to the traditional. Although you should start by selecting the right metal for your skin tone, you can add flashes of warm, rich color with the stones within your pendant necklace or drop earrings. If you think you might be cold, add a faux fur shrug to your wedding-day look.

The same saturated colors will inspire you, the wedding guest. Once you’ve chosen an outfit — try something with a rich texture, like velvet — add bling to brighten things up. So, if you’ve chosen a maroon gown to mimic the changing leaves, you can add gold bangles and crystal quartz earrings to set off the luxurious look.

Tropical Wedding

Another destination classic is the tropical wedding. As the bride, you will probably still wear white, but you can add tropical flavor to your look by adding a floral headpiece. When you visit your wedding venue, take note of the flowers native to the area. You might be able to incorporate them into your look in a romantic, classic way.

As for wedding guests, you can have a lot more fun with the tropical motif. Your outfit can certainly be bright and patterned — and your jewelry should only play up that vibe. So, think fun, and you’ll find the perfect tassel earrings, stackable rings and rattan clutch.


Everywhere Else…

No matter where the wedding is taking place, the best way to figure out what to wear to a wedding is to follow your instinct. Choose the accessories that make you feel best — you can’t go wrong with that as your rule of thumb.

Images via Unsplash.com