New Wedding Keepsake for Couples


Every once and awhile we stumble upon a new product in the weddings world that is really different and unique.  Today is one of those days.  We’ve recently been introduced to Weeva, which is not your average wedding album.  So what is it?  It’s a collection of stories (and photos) that couples can keep for a lifetime.  It’s essentially a book that is bound by Weeva, after collecting memories, letters, and fun stories from family members and loved ones – all about the couple.


The gift giver (or the couple) can invite family and friends anywhere in the world to share these stories, well wishes, quotes and images that ultimately get printed together for the newlyweds to enjoy long after the wedding day is done.


Weeva makes putting together a wedding momento easy – they’ll even do story writing, custom designs, and more to help those family members who perhaps aren’t as organized as others.  And in the end, a perfectly professional memory book!


We think these make great parents’ gifts too!  You’ve got to get your mom and dad something meaningful on the wedding day so why not a look back at their lives from the eyes of their loved ones?!  Weeva makes wedding gift giving truly one-of-a-kind.