Colored Wedding Dresses

Who doesn’t love a little color?!?  If white isn’t your best shade, then consider wearing color on your wedding day!  Pastels and pretty palettes are popular alternatives to the traditional white wedding dress – especially for a destination wedding!  If you’re getting married in the hot sun on the sand, a more neutral tone may be better for your big day; that is of course if you’re looking to be a bit more fashion forward.  From lavender to blush bridal dresses, taupe and cream too, the rules are no more – you can wear whatever color you want on your wedding day!  Consider your natural surroundings when you shop and perhaps select something inspired by your special spot.

colored wedding dresses

{Photos: Top Row Purple Dresses + Bottom Row Left Blue Dress: Simply Bloom Photography, Middle Row Left: Papilio, Right: Watters, Bottom Right: BHLDN