Moroccan Wedding Blankets

Hosting a destination wedding in Morocco?  Have you heard of the wonderful tradition of the Moroccan wedding blanket (also known as Berber wedding blankets).  They are beautiful woven blankets made by the bride’s female relatives.  A collection of silver sequins and soft fabrics; the ladies of the house weave for weeks leading up to the big day until the blanket is ready to be given to the bride, along with some words of wisdom about marriage (among other things).  Once the wedding ceremony is complete, the bride wraps her head and wears it like a cape before retiring it in her new home.  The blanket then serves as protection for the newlyweds – keeping out evil and bringing fertility.

Your family may not be weaving one of these beauties for you, but why not register for one?  Or use several as an aisle at your ceremony?  We even found one wedding tent made of these good luck charms.  If you are gifted one before your big day, be sure to take it with you and the two of you can snuggle under it for a few special photo ops.

moroccan wedding blankets

{Photos: Top Left: Beyond Marrakech, Right: Song of Style, Aisle: White Tea via SMP, Bottom Left: Scott Clark via 100LC, Right: My Marrakesh}


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