A Sweet Honeymoon in Thailand

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Today’s story is not a real wedding but a real honeymoon – in Thailand!  Kevin and Meredith wed in April and just days after their big day, they departed for a trip of a lifetime across the globe!  Meredith shared the story of their journey with us.  “We spent the first week in Chaing Mai, visiting temples, attending cooking class and riding elephants. Then we flew to Koh Samui where we relaxed on the beach!”  

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How did they select such an exotic location?  They looked at what they really wanted to get out of the experience.  Be honest with what you want your honeymoon to be. Kevin and I love to travel and explore new places but also like to relax and be lazy – so we planned a little of both! We took advantage of this special time in our life and planned a huge trip we’d been dreaming of. Lots of guests gladly pitched in (we registered at Wanderable.com) and we were able to have a fantastic time.” 

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And what about where they stayed?  “We relied fairly heavily on Lonely Planet’s Thailand guide and picked our hotels from their recommendations. Our guest house in Chaing Mai was called Minicost and was at a great location inside the old city walls. The woman that worked the front desk, Yosita, was wonderful and helped us plan nearly all of our excursions. In Koh Samui, we stayed at the Tango Beach Resort which was located right on the beach and had a great breakfast buffet in the morning. It was a little up the beach from all of the party resorts on Chaweng so it was a little bit more quiet but still accessible to some fun night life!”  

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One of our most favorite parts of the trip was getting to hang out with the elephants – It was awesome getting to ride them, but I think our favorite part of the day was feeding them! They would eat entire bunches of bananas, skins and all, right out of your hand! We also loved the cooking class we took in Chiang Mai & getting to relax on the beach in Koh Samui – book & coconut in hand!” 

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Neither Kevin nor I had been to Asia so we were amazed by the intricate temples in Thailand. They were so beautiful and you could just feel the history inside them. I also loved that it was pretty hot so it forced us to slow down, have a little afternoon nap or stop inside for a Chang and some air conditioning!” 

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Meredith just so happens to be a professional photographer, but if you can’t take one with you, consider booking an afternoon with a local photographer and get honeymoon memories in print as pretty as these!

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Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Photographer: Meredith McKee Photography and Design

Hotels: Tango Beach Resort, Minicost