Pre-Honeymoon Getaway

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Destination Photo by Beautiful Day Photography

Wedding planning can get even the most mellow of couples a tad unhinged at times.  Sometimes reinforcements must be called.  Massage?  Check.  Dinner for two?  Check.  A night or two (or three) out of town and away from it all?  Mission accomplished.  Don’t sweat the small stuff and set time aside to honeymoon before the big day!honeymoon photo shoots

Destination Photos by Beautiful Day Photography

Honeymoons are meant to give you quality time together, lots of R&R, and some private celebration of this milestone in your lives.  So why not give yourselves the gift of this before and after the big day?  I’m not saying splurge like you will come post-nuptials, but plan a getaway, no matter how big or small, before you walk down the aisle.  Skip the wedding talk and take in the sights of a not-so far-off city like Chicago or cruise across the California waters to Catalina for a long weekend of good old fashioned fun.  Spend some time in Toronto enjoying the sights or head south to the Bahamas if your plans permit.  Whether you’re wine tasting, glamping, or sitting poolside at the hotel spa – put the two of you first.camping honeymoonsPhoto by Ifong Chen Photography

Reconnect and remind each other why you’re about to say “I do.”  Just be sure to plan ahead and put it in your wedding budget so when the time comes, you’re sure to take that trip!honeymoon photos asia

Destination Photos: Left Image – Nakai Photography; Right Image – New Concept Photography