Color Blocking Ideas for Your Honeymoon

Headed to a tropical paradise post-nuptials? Embarking on a luxurious European excursion? Big plans for that exotic honeymoon? Time to get packing! Luckily spring trends are seriously embracing color this year and color blocking is abound! Mixing big and bold solid colors is the perfect honeymoon style. Even if you don’t wear dramatic color in your every day life, vacationing is the place to do so! Not ready for full on colored dresses and bright orange pants? We’ll start with the accessories…

color-blocking-honeymoon-accessories{Photo Credits: Shoes by Zara, Bathing Suit by Agent Provocateur, Earrings by Boo & Boo Factory, Clutch via Just B, Color Block Nails via Beautylish, Scarf by Luola}

Now are you ready to take color blocking to another level!? We say go bold for that special night out, catch a few eyes on that daytime shopping excursion, and embrace the pop of color as you pop on over to the pool. You are celebrating after all, so why not do so in a seriously festive style!

color-block-honeymoon-attire{Photos: Hot Pink Shirt + Orange Pants via Refinery 29, White + Pink Dress by Bottega Veneta via, Color Block Stripe Dress via Shopbop, Hot Pink + Orange Floor Length Skirt via Sterling Style, Colorful Dresses via The Coveteur}