St. Lucia Honeymoons

st lucia honeymoons

Photo: Jade Mountain

This week we’re covering a few of my favorite places in St. Lucia.  If you’re looking for an off the beaten path honeymoon in the Caribbean but prefer the finer things in life too, then consider saying “I do” to this lovely island.  Located in the southern part of the region, the sand is darker than its northern neighbors.  It’s a volcanic island in fact with lush rainforest and landscapes, high hillsides and beautiful beaches too.   A day in the life of could consist of spa, sea, and sand peppered with friendly encounters from everyone on island.

st lucia honeymoon


Spa: Start the day at sunrise before the heat sets in and head for a little morning hike.  Drive in and park at the volcano crater (the only drive-in volcano in the world) where an all-natural spa experience awaits you.  Indulge in a mud mask straight from the ground before dipping into the hot, hot, hot sulphur springs and your skin will be glowing like the blushing bride you are.

rainforest honeymoons

Photo: St. Lucia

Swim:  If you ask me, St. Lucia is best traveled by boat.  If you have the opportunity, skip the car and go by sea to discover the island’s many beautiful beaches and beachfront resorts.  If you like to get out and explore, ask your boat charter (a must do at least once) to take you to some amazing and oh-so private places to plunge around the island.  Honeymoon perfection for just the two of you.

caribbean honeymoons

Photo: St. Lucia

Dine: For lunch, hop back in the boat and head towards the Pitons for an al fresco meal at Anse Chastanet’s beachside restaurant (and don’t skip dessert).  Work off your meal with any one of the island’s excellent snorkeling stops (there’s one in the bay of the resort).

If it’s Friday then you’re in luck, end the day at a street party in town known as the Fish Fry.  After a week of fishing, the locals set up a lively farmer’s market with the fresh fare, fun music, and lots of entertaining visitors.  If you’re hosting a destination wedding on island, then the Fish Fry would make for a great bonding experience and rehearsal dinner as you blend your two families and experience the local culture together.

If you find yourself in Marigot Bay (a magical stop along the way), then cross the bay to the water taxi-only accessible restaurant, The Rainforest Hideaway.  A great place for a long feasting table rehearsal dinner on the water or a romantic meal for two by candlelight.  And the quick trip across the bay is a sweet experience in itself.

marigot bay st lucia

Photo: Sunsail

Dance: If you’re a jazz lover, then consider timing your trip to their annual Jazz Festival in late April/early May, which draws big names like Ziggy Marley and The Gypsy Kings.  The island’s peak season is November through May, with some rain throughout the year and more of it the more inland to the rainforest you go.

Tune in tomorrow and I’ll share with you my favorite place to stay on the island!