Australian Wedding Inspiration

We’re heading to the land down under today at Jet Fete. No matter what you are looking for, Australia is sure to be the perfect wedding destination. You could wed at the iconic Sydney Opera House or on one of the many beautiful beaches on the island. Plus, after the wedding you could throw on a wet suit and hit the water with a board or maybe take a trip to the Great Barrier Reef! Not to mention, the land of Oz has some native flowers that make the perfect bouquet or boutonniere. (Who could resist those fuzzy little Kangaroo Paws?!) So pack your bags and head to the land of the Aussies and be married by a local. (You can’t deny that you’ll swoon with an¬†officiant that has an accent!)

australia wedding

{Photos: Invitation: Etsy, Bouquet: Katie Ruther via Ruffled, Boutonniere: Leah Marie Photography, Surfboard: A Brit & A Blonde via SMP, Couple: Nic Duncan via Polka Dot Bride}