Bastille Day Weddings

Every July 14, France celebrates Bastille Day! Bastille Day is similar to the 4th of July due to the history, colors and the celebration activities including fireworks, good food, and dancing! To refresh your memory, Bastille Day is the first major event of The French Revolution, the day commemorates the storming of the Bastille Prison which took place in 1789. In Paris they celebrate by fireworks, a large parade on the Champs-Elses, and a giant dance party on the eve of the holiday. Incorporate the Bastille festivities by using blue, white, and red accents into your wedding cake or decorate your tables with little Eiffel Towers and of course cheese on baguettes! Top the night off with a dance celebration just like the eve of Bastille Day!

bastille day weddings

 Photos: Couple: Olivier Lalin via Wedding Light, Bride: Coco & Kelly, Vase: Wedding Chicks, Eiffel Tower: Pinterest, Arc De Triomphe: Pinterest, Cheese on Baguettes: Jacolyn Murphy, Pastry: Gentl & Hyers via Martha Stewart, Dancing Couple: Beautiful Day Photography  


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