Candlelight Weddings on the Beach

candlelight beach weddings{Photos: Top: Kivotos Club Hotel, Bottom Left: Oyster Point Hotel, Bottom Right: Mustard & Sage}

If you’re planning a destination wedding somewhere near the sand, then chances are you’ll be taking advantage of the stunning outdoor setting.  Day or night, candlelight looks so lovely against the sand and sea.  Contained in hurricane glasses, lanterns, decorative bags, or hung overhead, consider lighting your aisle or marking the perimeter of your reception by the beautiful glow of candles.  Floating on water or boarding it, I just love the reflection you get in your photos!  Just be aware of wind factors and make sure your containers are heavy enough to withstand the elements and protect the flame at the same time.  And if you’re overseas, you may not need the fire permits you would in the states, but better to be safe than sorry, so ask before you buy those flickering flames!  When in doubt, conceal battery operated candles with luminary bags or other decorative decor.

beach weddings candles{Photos: Top Left: Jose Villa, Top Right: Desire to Inspire, Second Row Left Beach: Sun Coast Beach Weddings, Right Tabletop: Bali Wedding Options, Right Candles in Water: Tumblr via Pinterest, Third Row Reception Left: Bride & Bloom, Right Dock: Martha Stewart Weddings, Bottom Row: Todd Hunter McGaw Photography via Polka Dot Bride}