Driving Friendly Destinations for Unforgettable Honeymoons

Couples looking forward to their 2020 wedding or reflecting on their recent ceremony know this year has altered how weddings happen. Guest lists have to shrink, some venues have shut down and catering plans have to change for health and safety reasons. This is why driving friendly destinations might just save the day – or the rest of the pandemic.

It’s a challenging time, but you don’t have to give up your honeymoon too. Depending on where you go for your honeymoon, you can still have a safe and relaxing vacation with your new spouse.

Driving to your dream location is the smartest way to travel, so check out these six best driving friendly destinations for honeymoons that you can get to after a short road trip. As long as you stay socially distanced and bring along a few masks, you and your spouse can escape the world’s stresses and relish in the newness of your marriage.

1. Big Sur, California

Plenty of vacationers travel to Big Sur every year for its seaside cliffs and peaceful location away from the cities. Couples love to explore Limekiln State Park and pose with the impressive redwood trees. Take a sunset stroll along Pfeiffer Beach or watch humpback whales leap from the ocean waves. It’s an excellent place for nature lovers who want a picture-perfect getaway.

2. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is a major spot for honeymooners, although you may have thought of going there for your bachelorette party too. The history behind the city’s layout and architecture is inherently romantic, but you can also find plenty to do that’s still safe for tourists.

Watch the sunset from the rooftop of a bed and breakfast or sample wine at a private blending class. It all depends on your interests and when you schedule your trip.

3. Sanibel Island, Florida

You’ll want to drive to Sanibel Island if you want a beachfront honeymoon without any tourist traps or large crowds. It’s a small island that transports you away from the busy activities of major beaches.

You and your spouse can kayak along quiet creeks, order beachside mojitos or spend your mornings picking up whole shells along the coastline. It’s the perfect spot for a serene honeymoon where you can still stay distanced from other tourists, which makes it a great driving friendly destination.

4. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole is a driving friendly destination for honeymooners who want endless white-capped mountain views and the charm of a wild west atmosphere. Ride horses together, fly in a hot air balloon or practice your skiing skills. Don’t worry — there are plenty of lake activities like boating and swimming to do if you travel while the weather’s still hot.

5. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is a driving friendly destination that’s rich in history and diverse culture, so you’ll have a romantic honeymoon there during any time of the year. Couples love to make pottery in a private class and try the many different world-class restaurants on offer. When you’re not walking along the streets and seeing new parts of the city, you can catch virtual improv or plays from the comfort of your hotel room.

6. Glacier National Park, Montana

If you imagined your wedding happening in a secluded mountain getaway but had to change the venue, you could have a similar experience if you honeymoon in Glacier National Park. People travel from all over the country to hike the trails, trek the alpine meadows and voyage to a few of the 700 surrounding lakes.

Since almost all the activities happen outside, it’s a safe place to get away to when you want to celebrate your marriage and the love in your life.

Plan Your Safety Measures

You could pick any of these six top driving friendly destinations for honeymoons and have an incredible time, but you’ll need to plan your safety measures so you and your spouse stay healthy during and after your trip. As long as you bring masks, remain socially distanced and don’t put yourself in risky situations with large groups of people, you can absolutely experience the honeymoon of your dreams!