Destination Wedding Resort: 10 Things to Ask Before Booking

Many brides dream of hosting a wedding at a destination wedding resort, but there’s much more to plan for when you want to travel for your ceremony. Once you pick a location, you’ll need to learn everything you can about the area and the available resorts before officially booking your date.

These 10 things to ask a destination wedding resort before booking will make the research process easier. After you get your answers, you’ll have an easier time picking the perfect place for your dream day.

1. Do They Offer Honeymoon Packages?

Resort owners and management teams know how much couples invest in destination weddings. They may include a discounted honeymoon package so that you can stay at the resort after your friends and family get home. These packages are typically much more affordable than flying out to yet another location for your honeymoon, so see what they offer and how it fits into your budget.

2. Is There a Room Block Discount?

Even if you only have 20 to 30 guests coming to your wedding, there is still a significant amount of rooms to book. When you speak with a potential resort representative, ask if there’s a discount or negotiate a better rate if your guests book a specific amount of rooms. Be sure to do your homework on the local area’s average rates before you start to haggle. They may get a lower nightly price, making it easier for everyone to afford the trip out to your wedding.

3. Is a Planner Provided?

If you call a resort known for hosting weddings, they may provide an on-site planner with your event fees. The planner will know exactly how to use the space to create the wedding you want, which is a considerable advantage compared to working with a planner who hasn’t been there before.

4. Do They Rent Supplies?

You’ll need lots of little supplies like chargers and candles. If a resort doesn’t have these features ready and waiting, you’ll have to look up event rental companies to do it for you. You won’t be able to carry everything you’ll need onto a plane, so it’s best to rent what you need from a company either close by or one that can ship your order.

5. Do They Provide Catering?

Resorts with in-house restaurants may provide dinner, in-suite breakfasts for guests and a bartender for your wedding. Make sure to ask if it’s included in the initial fees or an added service.

6. Are Other Events Scheduled?

You don’t want to feel rushed to leave the event space during your wedding or deal with a packed hotel. It’s completely acceptable to ask if other big events are scheduled for the same time as your wedding so that you know if the property will be busy or not.

7. What Is the Weather Like?

Inquiring about the weather will give you an idea of what’s possible. If the area is always sunny and hot or rainy and cold, you’ll know how to choose between indoor and outdoor settings for your ceremony, reception and even activities like cornhole games.

8. Do They Have a Photographer?

Popular wedding resorts sometimes have an in-house photographer who takes care of your bridal portraits and captures your big day. Smaller hotels may not include this feature because they have a smaller budget or host fewer weddings per year.

9. Should You Hire a DJ?

Some resorts don’t offer anything for wedding music other than a few speakers. Even though it’d be easy to hook up your phone with an extra-long playlist, you’ll have a better time when the DJ is handling aisle music, directing the toasts and introducing everyone at the reception.

10. Are There Payment Plans?

After you break down destination wedding resort costs, you may feel overwhelmed. They can cost tens of thousands of dollars, so ask about a payment plan with your resort venue. They might be able to work with you so that you don’t have to pay for everything up front in the days before your ceremony.

Compare Before Deciding

Now that you know 10 things to ask a destination wedding resort before booking, make sure you compare offers. Call a few different resorts around the location you have in mind so that you can get a wedding package that includes everything you want.