An Intimate Las Vegas Destination Wedding

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Keith and Lisa wed in an intimate ceremony in the wedding capital of the world – Las Vegas!  They wanted a place about 20 friends and family could visit, vacation, and celebrate and they did just that!  “We decided on Las Vegas as it has always been a dream of mine to have a ‘fun’ wedding with either Elvis or Captain Kirk or Spock marrying us…. neither of us are treckies so we thought Elvis would be perfect! We also wanted a destination that was open to all family and friends to attend as everyone is scattered across the states. Planning the wedding from Florida was a bit intimidating as we had to have a lot of faith, people were who they said they were and were going to be in place when they said they would….. thanks to the wonderful internet it was easy to piece everything together. He picked the hotel/reception area, we picked the ceremony destination, I got to pick the food, he picked the theme (colors) and he my shoes!!! :) It really was a group effort of Team Downing and turned out better than we could ever have imagined!”

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A hotel suite at the famed Cosmopolitan Hotel was where they would celebrate on the strip.

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Lisa found her unique dress on Etsy, but the meaning behind it was what sold it!  “The fun fact of my dress and what sealed the deal, was that the designer lives in Israel – which is where the dress was made. My parents, met in Israel and I too was made there. We thought it was a fun sign – we ordered the dress with out trying it on and knowing that it would be the perfect fit…. and it was! (PS – I LOVE the dress!)”

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“Originally our plan was to elope and share with our family and friends post marriage, but we wanted to give all of our loved ones the option to be there. We gave everyone 2 months notice and we had 18 of our closest friends and family members there! Needless to say we were blown away with the support and attendance. We also had family in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, and as far away as England watching.”

vegas destination weddingvegas destination weddings

“Keith asked his two best friends to stand up with him….. Will was his ‘Best Man’ and Nik (whom you can see is in Blue – when it was suppose to be white) Was the ‘Worst Man’…. which was really quite fitting! I asked my Sister in-law and best friend Cassie to be my ‘Matron of Honor’ and my other best friend Hannah whom has been my partner in crime for years – to be my ‘Matron of Dishonor.”

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The theme of the wedding was Vegas!  They had lots of glitter to reflect the setting – like these glitter dipped glasses!

DIY glitter glassesglitter champagne glassesgroom's suitlas vegas wedding photographerslas vegas wedding photographer

For favors the famous Las Vegas sign flanked match boxes for guests to take.

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That same sign was then woven into the cake design to complete the look!

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Congratulations to the newlyweds!

 Destination Wedding Photographer: Davista Photography 

 Wedding Vendors: Chapel: A Wedding Chapel, Reception Location, Sushi + Cake: Cosmopolitan Hotel Suite, Wedding Dress: Blush