A Rustic Neverland Inspired Wedding Shoot

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Today’s event isn’t actually a wedding – but an inspiration shoot inspired by the fantasy of Neverland.  Fitting for travel, this far off place where Peter Pan soared is a modern day idea-fest for those of you saying I do in New Mexico, Arizona, even the mountains.  The rustic nature paired with romantic yet child-like details make for great wedding day decor ideas!

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Angelena from Shingdig Chic shared with us the inspiration behind their inspiration shoot!  “When Justin Lee and I decided to do an inspiration shoot, we wanted it to reflect something that we all have a deep connection to: imagination. We didn’t want to just create something beautiful for being beautiful’s sake. We wanted to take people on an adventure to a place we have all visited in our imagination at one point or another since childhood – Neverland. I have always had a deep connection to the legacy of Peter Pan and Neverland. There is something so pure, innocent and inspiring about the story of a young boy who simply doesn’t want to grow up. I think there is a part of every child and adult that really empathizes with that quality. The simplicity of just thinking happy thoughts is something we often lose sight of. So we decided to create our own version of Neverland that had yet to be explored.”

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When we stumbled upon the , we knew it was our Neverland instantly. There was something so whimsical, overgrown and beautiful about the combination of pine trees and unruly ivy that just transcended us to another place. The setting was such an important element to the shoot and we truly struck gold.”

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“When we were deciding what to do for the decor, we wanted it to all feel as organic as possible. So rather than bringing in outside furniture, we created our own out of the elements in our surroundings. Our tree stump picnic table exceeded our expectations and fit the scene so perfectly. We wanted to incorporate some unusual elements like banksia and protea combined with wildflowers and berries to really give it that eclectic feel. We were lucky that our Neverland lent itself to combining such an eclectic mix of woodsy branches and lush greenery all at once. The tillandsias and spanish moss were really perfect accents, and the bright tribal paint added an element of surprise.”

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“Because Tiger Lily is a Native American princess, we had to incorporate a few of the more traditional elements to represent that. We still wanted to leave our own mark on it with more unconventional and textural elements. Our dreamcatcher collection was a fun challenge to try and reinvent and make feel new again. We also built our own bow and arrows out of real branches and twine, so they would feel like they actually were Peter Pan’s.”

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“The Disney version of Peter Pan is certainly the one that highlights Tiger Lily the most. The most iconic images of Peter Pan and Tiger Lily are around the campfire, rubbing noses and him rescuing her from the canoe in the Cove. Those were our two must have shots, and really paid homage to the original – while still having our own styled stamp on it.”

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Destination Wedding Photographer: Justin Lee Photography

Photo Shoot Vendors: Styling, Floral Design, Table design: Shindig Chic Creations, Makeup: Lovestruck Makeup, Hair: Peggy Rogers, Location: , Dresses: ModCloth + Urban Outfitters, Groom: H&M