Tips for an Eco-Friendly Wedding

In light of Earth Day today, I thought we’d talk about Eco-friendly weddings!  Having an eco-friendly destination wedding can be a little bit tricky but with some research and help from us, you will be prepared!So if you’re looking to have a fabulous wedding without leaving a huge carbon foot print, here are some tips on how you can reduce, reuse, and recycle for your big day!


Choose local and in season. In order to reduce your carbon foot print, make sure to choose flowers that are in season. Google the type of flowers you are looking for and plenty of pages will populate on whether that particular flower will be in season for your wedding. Green house forced flowers are not only expensive but not gentle on the planet, not to mention all the emissions released in order to ship the flowers to your location. When choosing a caterer for your big day, choose one that makes a commitment to buying local produce. This will again eliminate tons of emissions but will also support local farms and businesses.


Choose bridesmaid dresses that can be reused. You’ll not only be doing Earth a favor but also your bridesmaids! Find a dress that they will be able to use for all those fabulous cocktail parties or dates they will attend! This also ensures that tons of fabric won’t end up in a land fill.

paper goods

Eco-Friendly Paper Goods. Weddings require a lot of paper! From Save the Dates to Menus, we could be talking tons of trees here. Look into a shop or website that offers 100% recycled paper, bamboo card stock, or other eco-friendly options. Don’t worry though, going with recycled paper won’t ruin the look of your invite. You’d be surprised as to how creative designers can get with recycled paper are now-a-days!


Compostable Disposable Items. Wow that’s a mouthful! What does compostable mean? Basically, the products you use like plastic forks or paper plates will decompose on their own rather than sitting in landfills. Look for products that are made with sugar cane or corn-based plastic.


Recycle at Your Wedding. Make sure that the venue for your reception has a recycling program set up for all the bottles, you will use at your wedding or even encourage guests to recycle on their own by providing bins that separate paper, plastic, and glass.

{1L: AMB Photo via Wedding Chicks, 1R: Joyeuse Photography via Fab You Bliss, 2: Talia Studio via Bridal Bar , 3: Kate Ignatowski Photography via Green Wedding Shoes:,4L+R: Christie Graham Photography via Fab You Bliss,5: Etsy}