5 Great Irish Wedding Traditions

Even if you’re not Irish, and you’re looking to add personal touches to your wedding, look no further than some of these sweet Irish traditions.


Handfastening. Handfasting is an ancient Irish and Scottish tradition that was used to symbolize the couple being tied together as one. The couple would hold each other’s hands and have a member of the family wrap ribbon and rope around them. This is actually where we got the term ‘tying the knot’, interesting right?  Many couples choose to have some kind of union ceremony and handfasting would definitely be a romantic and perfectly intimate one perform on your big day.

wedding bells

Wedding Bells. A traditional Irish family would give the couple a set of bells, after reciting their vows the couple would ring the bells to ward off evil spirits. The couple would then keep the bells in their home and ring them to remind them of the vows they promised each other. Perfect alternative to a sand ceremony. Oh, and of course this is where we get our American tradition of wedding bells.

 blue wedding

Blue Wedding Dress. For all of the Cinderella lovers, here is an excuse to wear blue on your big day! Blue is known to bring the bride good luck on her wedding day in Ireland. If going all out blue isn’t your thing, remember to carry your ‘something blue’ item as you walk down the aisle. Although I have to admit, pretending to be Cinderella for a day would be uber fun!


Braids. Doing a braid hair look on your wedding day is not only gorgeous, but according to ancient Irish tradition it can actually bring you power and luck. Hey, any bride can use a little power and luck as she’s walking down the aisle.

bad pipes

Entertainment. Of course it wouldn’t be an Irish wedding without traditional Celtic music playing in the near distant. A harpist would be perfect for before your ceremony as well as cocktail hour. Not only does it sounds beautiful but the harp was actually the national emblem in Irelend up until the 19th century. I love the idea of having the bag pipes play as you’re leaving the ceremony, how much fun would that be?

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