Boho Chic Dreamcatcher Wedding Ideas

If you’re getting married and looking to weave in elements of that boho chic vibe on your wedding day, then take a look at the dreamcatcher!  Once considered a symbol of unity of nations, today it can enhance the design of your wedding.  If you want to catch a few big day dreams on your big day, then consider these creative ideas to dazzle your wedding guests before and on the wedding day.


{Photos: Couple: Emily Katharine Photography, Save the Date: Not on the High Street, Dessert Table: Brenner Liana, Ceremony: Let’s Frolic Together, Wide Table with Arch: Bobby Kiran Photography, Napkin: Tory Williams Photography, Cake: Julie Cate}


1 thought on “Boho Chic Dreamcatcher Wedding Ideas”

  1. I love the idea of a dream catcher themed wedding! I really like how the two different alters have a dream catcher style incorporated, but it is not overboard. You can still have the dream catcher theme without going to crazy with it. The more subtle, the better! That will make you wedding appear more classy and elegant.

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