5 Travel Prep Trips When Planning a Destination Wedding

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Photos by Robert Evans

Part of the joy of a destination wedding is the travel that comes with it.  Part of a headache of a destination wedding can also be this travel.  To make for smooth sailing where ever you go, keep these ideas in mind before you pack your bags!

1.  Before you book, be sure you know what the legal requirements are to wed there.  Some countries have residency requirements that insist you spend a few extra days there before you can marry, so know before you go!  There may also be additional paperwork to complete stateside and take with you so check with the local consulate well in advance.

2.  Take your wedding dress with you!  Don’t pack or ship that pretty package, carry it on the plane!  (You might even get upgraded when you do.)  And be sure to pad it and protect it accordingly, using tissue and at least two garment bags to keep it safe.

3.  Will the room block end up costing you money?  When you have guests coming from out of town, it’s important to negotiate a room block (a discounted group of hotel rooms for your party).  You can do this at your host location and/or at nearby properties with different price points.  But be careful to avoid a credit card guarantee whenever possible. In case those rooms don’t get booked by your guests, you don’t want to be on the hook for the cost.

4.  If you’re hosting a destination wedding and honeymoon together, plan a honeymoon away from where you wed.  Whether that means taking a car across town, island hoping, or packing up and heading to a different part of the world, it’s important to get that one-on-one time you may not find at the same property where your guests have decided to extend their vacation.

5.  Consider working with a travel agent.  That’s right!  The days of travel agents aren’t dead!  They can help you find amazing deals, educate you about the pros and cons of each location, and plan activities you might not think of otherwise.