Destination Wedding Fashion with The Stylish Bride, Part Two

wedding shoe ideasPhoto by Robert Evans Studios

We’re back with part two from Julie Sabatino at The Stylish Bride.  She’s sharing with us how to shop for, plan for and pack for that perfect destination wedding look.

destination wedding dressPhoto by Robert Evans Studios

JF: How should brides pack and travel with their destination wedding dress?

Julie: The salon will stuff and pack your dress in a large garment bag that you can carry with you on the plane or you can ship it ahead.  There are pros and cons to each and you have to decide what makes the most sense for you.

When you arrive, unpack your dress and hang it up so that it does not touch the floor (make sure to put a clean sheet underneath in case it falls).  This will give it time to breath and air out on it’s own and hopefully ease any wrinkles that occurred.

Also, be sure to get detailed instructions at your final fitting about how the dress should be taken care of in the event it gets wrinkled. There are many variations on how fabrics should be treated (cool iron with low heat vs. steaming etc.) And only touch your dress if it’s absolutely necessary, as most often it’s best to leave it alone.

destination wedding photographerPhoto by Robert Evans Studios

JF: How should one go about accessorizing a wedding dress for a destination wedding?  Ideas?

Julie: I personally love veils, but they can become unruly in a windy setting.  There is no need to abstain from wearing one (even a long one) but you may have to go with the flow and wrap it around your arm while going down the aisle if it’s flying away or take it off at the last minute.  I have used tiny weights in the past to try and keep the veil on the ground, which can works better on grass than sand. You can also try lightly tacking it to the train with a stitch which you can easily remove after the ceremony.

destination wedding dressPhoto by Robert Evans Studios

JF: What about shoes?  Do’s or don’ts?

Julie: This is such a personal choice, but I think that any way you go is fine.  If you are walking in the sand, I’d obviously advise against stiletto’s, but a wedge or sandal can be very cute.  There are so many options out there today that you can get creative.

A great tip if you are getting married on the grass is to use Sole Mates high heel covers.  They prevent your heel from sinking into the ground, and work really well.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your expertise Julie!  To learn more or to inquire about shopping and styling services, visit The Stylish Bride.