Destination Wedding Lighting Ideas

Lighting is so, so important to the environment of your wedding.  It’s often one of those things you don’t really want to pay for or can’t comprehend how it costs so much but it is really worth every penny.  Without the right mood or the product you’ve purchased lit up, all the other details seem a waste.  And the bonus of a destination wedding is the options are so eclectic!  You can choose from star lanterns to globes, edison bulbs or birdcages – all depending on what your setting is like.  Mimic the outside in when you can and always, always work with a pro!  Take a look at a few faves for unique ways to light the way at your wedding.

destination wedding lighting

{Photos: White Lanterns: Gia Canali, Mixed Lanterns: Pinterest, Long Tables + Bottom Two Photos – Long Table: Joshua Bobrove, Wooden Long Table: Beautiful Day Photography, Birdcages: Project Wedding, Long Lantern Strands: Kristina Lee, Pool: Pinterest}