Hibiscus Wedding Details

Hosting a wedding in Hawaii?  Then consider incorporating one of its local and loveliest flowers – the hibiscus flower.  While its origins date back to Asian lands, the hibiscus is now known as one Hawaii’s pop culture symbols.  Worn on one side of the hair represents a single girl (so be careful what you choose for your wedding day do), this often brightly colored flower makes for great wedding decor when on island.  From an aisle carefully crafted with the recognizable shape to a hibiscus-adorned cake or even one submerged and candied in a cocktail, incorporating natural decor into your design will give your event that festive feeling!

hibiscus wedding ideas

{Photos: Flower: I’m fave, Ceremony: Disney Weddings, Bouquet: Pacific Weddings, Invitation: Etsy, Favor Boxes: Etsy, Favor: Rebecca Arthurs via EAD, Cake: Mira Que Chulo}


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