How to Pack for Your Honeymoon

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As all those summer weddings approach us here in the US, you might be starting to think about what (and how) to pack for that perfect dream vacation – your honeymoon!  Well today we’ve got a few tips for packing efficiently and making the most of your hopefully unwrinkled wardrobe!

Best tip I ever learned?  Roll your clothes – don’t fold!  It saves space and helps clothes ward off wrinkles.  And on that note, consider fabrics that don’t wrinkle as easily like microfibers and light weight cotton (avoid heavily weaved fabrics).

Skip packing items like umbrellas and other tools you can find at your hotel if need be.  Call ahead and find out if adapters are in the room or any other amenities you might be able to skip shopping for.

Wear your bulky shoes on the plane.  If you’re going somewhere where boots will be useful, don’t forget, they take up a lot of room in your luggage so save space by walking them on.  However – if this pair is difficult to get on and off in security, consider your time constraints first.  Also layer what you wear on the flight, this will keep you warm when the plane gets chilly and gives you additional items you don’t want to pack.  Just be prepared for those un-layering moments at TSA, but this is your honeymoon, you’re in no rush right?

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Map out your itinerary or potential adventures and of course, plan all the proper shoes, clothes, gym clothes, evening wear and outfits to fit accordingly.  Try to plan for clothes that go with the same few pairs of shoes so you’re not packing every pair in your closet – a great walking shoe, evening shoe, beach shoe/sandal (or after ski shoe depending on where you’ll be), and a daytime casual pair.

Don’t forget to pack a purse for day and purse for night (if you can limit yourself to just two).

Consider your destination and perhaps don’t pack all the jewels he’s given you, as romantic as that might be, better to be safe than sorry (hint: some women travel with fake jewelry to dress up with).

Pack clothes you can dress up or down with a pair of heels, some different jewelry, and even double up as a bikini cover up.

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Pack your biggest, bulkiest, heaviest clothes on bottom and move up from there.  Speaking of luggage, it’s about time you splurged, treat yourself to a nice set before you say “I do” (or register for pieces before the wedding).  A good set of luggage can go far towards the ease of your travels.

Don’t forget the neccessary accessories (lots of accessories) – sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, any medicines you might need, photo copies of all your travel documents including passport.

Unpack your wallet before you pack.  Downsize the amount of credit cards and “stuff” you’re taking to protect against any major mishaps.

And don’t forget to pack the fun stuff – this is your honeymoon after all, a little lingerie and those shower gifts can go with you!

Lastly, don’t forget to leave behind all your important info with a loved one (including copies of your passports, etc just in case you find yourself in need while in flight).

Safe travels!

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