Native Mexican Flowers

If you’re are planning your destination wedding in Mexico, we have some floral inspiration for you today! Mexico is known for their vibrant and colorful flowers, which makes them great to incorporate into your floral arrangements on your big day.

Dahlia: Dahlias are bushy and vibrant flowers perfect for a Mexican destination wedding! They come in a range of bright colors and vary in size as well (2 to 10 inch). Dahlias are great for floral arrangements, they will add a punch of color and brighten up any bouquet. If you’re a lover of peonies but they are not in season during your wedding, dahlias are a great alternative. Bloom Time: Summer

Plumeria: Plumerias are a common flower seen in leis but, did you know they are actually native to Mexico? Plumerias are long stemmed, leather-like flowers that come in colors like pink, yellow, blue, red and white. The great thing about plumerias is that their scent will last all day long. Plumerias actually release more scent at night for pollination reasons, meaning a great smelling bouquet for you! Bloom Time: Summer

Zinnia: Zinnias are tall,bright, and daisy-like flowers. They are very easy to grow and get your hands on, which means you won’t be spending a small fortune on your bouquet. Zinnias also look great as dried flowers, great for those who want to keep some floral memorabilia from their wedding. These beauties also attract butterflies! Who wouldn’t wan butterflies at their wedding? Bloom Time: Summer

Mexico Flowers

Dahlia Left: Wedd Book, Dahlia Right: Sweet Little Photographs, Plumeria: Modern Weddings Hawaii,  Zinnia Left: Ruffled, Zinnia Right: Middle of the Map Weddings