How to Tip in Foreign Countries

I recently stumbled upon this graphic and thought I’d share with you what Emily Post recommends for tipping in foreign countries (courtesy of Conde Nast Traveler).  Often times, what we have come to expect here in the states is quite a bit different in places you may plan to honeymoon and send your guests for to for a destination wedding.  So know what to expect before you go (and you might even be surprised to find you’ll save yourself a little money in the process).

Tip (no pun intended):  If you’re planning a destination wedding, include tipping and other etiquette guides in your wedding information for guests (i.e. your wedding website or welcome bag materials).  Your guests are likely new to the location too!how to tip in foreign countries

Some tips from the tipping map?  In Mexico, Emily Post suggests 10-15% typically (and US dollars are acceptable).  In Australia, 10-15% is customary (did you know that at one time over tipping was a sign that the wait staff needed improvement, therefore they must have needed the money).  In much of Japan, tipping is not customary, and in China no tipping at all!

For more information and to view a larger version of this graphic, take a look at  But keep in mind to do what you ultimately feel is right.  If tipping isn’t customary and the service you experience is exceptional, you may really want to leave a tip for your butler (or whomever) at the end of your stay, so write a brief note and thank them for their wonderful work so they can appreciate the reason for the additional monies.