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Today we’re chatting with our friends over at Indigo Album Design, who create custom wedding albums for couples, using your photos and their local artisan partners who together, design, print, and bound a beautiful keepsake from your big day!  Not all couples opt to get their wedding album from their photographer, and those who don’t will love this affordable option to take your digital files and turn them into a family heirloom you will enjoy for decades!  We asked the team over at Indigo Album Design to tell us a little about doing it on your own, what to expect, and what to know before you book!  Oh, and they’ve even brought along a big discount to our friends and travelers too!  Keep reading…

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JF: Do couples need to include an album when they book a photography package, especially when planning a destination wedding?

IAD: Nowadays we find more and more couples are opting to receive their wedding photos by download or DVD and some photographers also prefer to go the electronic route and bow out of the album game. It can be a bit of a hassle for destination wedding couples to coordinate a wedding album with their on-location photographers, so we find that many of them forgo the album with their photography package. However, as long as you receive printing rights and high-res images you can absolutely create a professional quality album and for a more affordable price!

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JF: How do you recommend couples go about getting their wedding album made?

IAD: Many professional quality album companies only work with professional photographers and do not work directly with the couple. Our company works with both industry professionals as well as couples who are interested in making an album. We pair each client with a graphic designer who drafts the album design based on the couple’s input. This allows couples to truly customize the look of their album, so that it represents their personal style as well as the overall look and feel of their wedding.

DIY wedding album

JF: Any tips and tricks to designing a professional looking album and layout once you commit to it?

IAD: The most important and most difficult part of the album design process is narrowing down the photo selection. Most couples will receive hundreds of photos from their wedding photographer, so it can be quite a challenge to pick only 100-150 images. We suggest saving the images to a new folder on your desktop and then going through and eliminating the images that don’t make the cut. In addition to selecting the photos that best represent the sequence of the day, it is also important to include detail shots that help embellish and fill out the album. Once you have your album images ready to go, the rest of the album process should be pretty easy as your graphic designer should handle the rest.

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JF: Why do couples even need an album in today’s digital era?

IAD: Yes, in the world of iPads and Facebook, one might question the need for a traditional wedding album. However, wedding albums have come a long way and our albums are by no means your grandma’s wedding album! We try to maintain some vintage aspects, but add a modern twist with graphic end paper options and thick high quality prints. Call us sentimental, but we find the wedding album to be a timeless keepsake and it is always nice to have a tangible memento in your home that you can share with family, friends, children and grandchildren for years to come!

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Indigo Album Design is offering all Jet Fete readers a 20% discount for the month of July (use code: JULY2015) and for those who have yet to receive their photos, feel free to email them regarding future promotions

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For more information on creating a beautiful, custom, unique wedding album, be sure to check out Indigo Album Design!  And mention Jet Fete this month for 20% off your order!

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