White Weddings Before Labor Day

With Labor Day on the horizon, we’ve got white weddings on the brain!  If you’re hosting a destination wedding, why not throw a “white party” for your rehearsal or welcome dinner?  The photos will be beautiful (no loud guest clothing) and it may just reflect your setting perfectly (a la Greece).  If you’re really fashion forward, put your maids in white on the wedding day!  But keep in mind if their dresses aren’t different enough (short vs long) from your own, you may blend in a bit too much.  From an all white wedding cake to keep the look clean, to a single bloom for a modern bouquet, the color white works wonderfully at a destination wedding, making the location you selected the true centerpiece!

white weddings

{Photos: Bridesmaids: Jordan McBride, Ceremony: Weddings Romantique, Bouquet: Buffy Dekmar, Ceremony: Harwell Photography via SMP, Candles: Capri Flash, Flowers on Table: Karen Tran, Sparklers: Lifestyle of the Unemployed}