Products We Love: UrgentRX

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It’s 9 o’clock and you’re immediately regretting that third sushi roll you just finished eating. Although scrumptious you’re now stuck with an upset stomach. Don’t worry we’ve all been there before! Good thing is that we have found a product that will make all these sticky situations a little bit better! UrgentRX Powders are a line of emergency powders that you can easily swallow to bring you instant relief with everything from an upset stomach to an allergy attack. I especially love these for destination weddings as welcome gifts for your guests! These are perfect for a week or weekend in a foreign state or country where aches and pains can come at any time. Not only will your guests truly appreciate it, you’re wallet will too! UrgentRX Powders work as a great welcome bag alternative that are sure to be half the cost! These little powder packets can easily be hidden away in clutches and pockets, making them easy to carry with you whether at the reception party or on your flight home. ¬†Or better yet, order up their handy mini travel case complete with a collection of remedies and leave one on each guests’ pillow the night of the big day!

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