Military Trash the Dress Session

Happy Memorial Day friends!!  Today we honor and remember all those who have served around the world, fought for our freedom and gave their lives for us.  So what better a shoot to share today than this sweet destination trash the dress session, complete with his dress blues!

Mallory and Jordan were high school sweethearts in their hometown of Fillmore, Illinois.  When the two finally said “I do” over a year ago, Jordan was a cadet in the Air Force Academy.  So when he completed his course and received his dress blues, the two decided to plan a trip to Daytona Beach, FL with wedding photographer Pilster Photography to capture a new set of wedding moments and memories.

They not only hit the beach, but the water too!

And the result?  A military style trash the dress session at sea!  (I wonder what his superior officers would say about this little stunt in uniform?!) 

Congratulations (again) Mallory and Jordan and Happy Memorial Day!

Destination Wedding Photographer: Pilster Photography


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