Beach-ready Pastel Bridesmaids Dresses

From time to time we have to show the bridesmaids some love, so today we have some great dress style and color ideas for a destination wedding, somewhere warm and sunny! Now, pastels are still pretty hot and since you’re going to be somewhere hot, put your main ladies in a beautiful light colored dress, and they’ll feel nice and cool. But keeping their comfort in mind steer clear of dresses made from stiff and/or thick fabrics; try to pick dress styles that use chiffon or maybe even cotton if you’d like, that way the girls can breath and not sweat bullets (like you might, ha!) Plus think of how elegant they’ll look (along with you of course) with their soft chiffon dresses flowing in the sea breeze! The light pastel colored dresses will also be a nice romantic touch to your ceremony.

One more thing I might add about these dresses and selecting the right ones for the occasion: take up that hem… A lot! Sure full length gowns look gorgeous, and by all means if that’s what you want go for it, but on the beach a long gown can be bothersome, and a bit warm. SO, taking it back to temperature levels, pick out a shorter dress. 1) They will thank you for not making them eat sand (trip) in front of everyone, and 2) they can show off the nice tan and silky smooth legs they most likely got from a fun trip to the spa with you before the big day!

Now, we’re not saying you haven’t thought of these things for your best girls, but its always good to be reminded than to forget all together. With that said, lets get you gals in some darling short pastel dresses so they can stand next to you on your big day with  confidence!

pastel bridesmaid dresses

{Photos- Hanging dresses: The Bridal Detectives, champagne JLM dress + teal JLM dress: JLM Couture, vintage bridesmaids: Ruffled Blog, dresses with flower belt: Etsy, baby pink: Style Me Pretty, peach/blue/lavender dresses: Snippet & Ink}


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