The Biltmore Estate Asheville, North Carolina

the biltmore estate

I recently had the opportunity to speak at THE wedding industry summit – Engage!13: Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina.  Among a myrad of things I love about this event, getting to experience a new luxury property is near the top of that list.  This trip was certainly no exception, did not disappoint, and in fact, exceeded by expectations by miles!  Held at the historic Biltmore Estate (still owned by the Vanderbuilt family today), we had the chance to explore 8,000 acres of unparelled beauty in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  To say this spot is serene is an understatement.  To say it’s glamorous, regal and magical is also an understatement.  The Biltmore is the perfect blend of fantasy meets fauna with beautiful grounds, mountains, trails, and water at every turn.

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A perfect place for a domestic destination wedding, one friend of mine described it as going to Europe without ever having to leave the states (great for your wedding guests!).  The home can be the backdrop to your tented reception, your wedding lawn and ceremony, and of course, tours for your friends and family. The Inn is where you and your loved ones will stay, just a short hike away from the original property.

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When you wake up in the morning, this is what you will look out to.  Yes, it’s true!  Nothing but nature (and surburb service) surrounding you.

biltmore estate destination weddings

Ideal for a destination wedding, they offer an array of activities to bring your two families together – horseback riding, barns and animals for the kids, rafting down the river, archery, segway tours of the land, wine tasting at their vineyard on property, even beer tasting too for the guys!  Your group will not know what to do first!  (I highly recommend a private walk along one of their many hiking trials too…)

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The Biltmore Estate is such a unique place, it’s one that the web just can’t do justice.  Having worked on weddings here before, I had no idea how truly special it was until I arrived.  Maura and her team welcomed us with open arms and showed us the best that North Carolina has to offer!  I will be back!

All Photos By: Allan Zepeda, Carla Ten Eyck, Jeremie Barlow 


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  1. Great photos Allan, Carla & Jeremie! Love the Biltmore Estate and glad you had an amazing experience there and wrote about it. I am posting this blog on the AskAsheville Facebook page, scheduled for later today. Thank you!!

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