Rancho Pescadero Wedding Location in Todos Santos, Mexico

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 Location scouting for a destination wedding isn’t always easy.  Often expensive trips for site visits and not enough time of the ground can make the process less than the relaxing vacation you deserve.  So we asked the ladies at Signature Event Consulting and Design about some of their favorite spots to save you a trip.  One such venue – Rancho Pescadero in Todos Santos, Mexico.  As regulars planning events on property, they’re here today to give us an inside look at getting married in this picturesque place.


“We love Rancho Pescadero because it is truly a standout among all of the resorts in the Todos Santos area. The service here is distinguished by sincerity. Each and every one of your guests will be treated to individual attention and with the utmost respect and appreciation. Here, you will feel at home.  The staff is professional, while still personal and incredibly friendly.”


Where on property do they recommend you say “I do?”  “We think that the extensive stretch of private beach at the Ranch is a dreamy location for an intimate ceremony. Local elements offer an authentic Mexican appeal. Cocktail hour and the reception location can be tailored to your particular desires and the ambiance of the event.  A pool-side grass terrace with fire-pit is a perfect area for dancing and lounging. The lobby entrance can be transformed into a unique reception locale. The beauty of this place is that over the course of the event new spaces and places can be revealed to guests, peak their interest and create an element of surprise.  And because of its expansive layout, guests can still navigate the property without glimpse of the behind-the-scenes work we’ll be doing to prepare for your big night.”

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But this venue isn’t just about the big day’s festivities.  “We suggest indulging in one of the Ranch’s daily yoga offerings.  The place itself, is a truly spiritual haven for your practice, creating a sense of instant inner peace and tranquility! I think it is the perfect relaxation technique for the yogi-inclined bride-to-be!

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The essentials: Overnight accommodations for up to 64, Wedding receptions for up to 100, Packages available.

A special thanks to the ladies of Signature Event Consulting and Design for sharing their location favorites with us!

Photos: 1, 4, 5: Rancho Pescadero, 2,3: Everett Potter.


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  1. I got married there in March 2012 and had the best experience – so did all of our guests. Good scout, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a an easy but very personal wedding experience.

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