Airstream Trailer Hotels

airstream trailer hotel{Photo: Grand Daddy Hotel}

Thinking of driving across country for your honeymoon?  Do you love the open road and local hipster hotels but don’t really want to rough it for your first vacation as husband and wife?  Then consider the growing trend of airstream hotels!  Yep, you read this right, literally, four star airstream trailer hotels in cities across the US and the globe.  For domestic honeymooners, consider the appropriately named Hicksville Hotel in Joshua Tree, CA.  Your stay will come complete with a saltwater pool, fire pits, hotel bar (inside a trailer of course), roof deck with a hot tub, and all kinds of old fashioned American games for you and your new spouse to enjoy a little vintage fun after the big day festivities.

airstream trailor hotels{Photos: Hicksville Trailer Palace}

For the granddaddy of airstream hotels, check into the Grand Daddy Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa.  Seems like a far distance to travel for a little trailer fun, but perched atop a hotel with views of the city and nightlife combined, this polka-dotted penthouse is quite the talk of the town.  The hotel hauled seven vintage Airsteam Trailers from the US to their rooftop, each appointed with their own unique theme, and complete with a familiar mailbox from home.

cape town hotels{Photos: Grand Daddy Hotel}

If you’re honeymoon follows a road less traveled, then check out these Airstream-appointed properties along the way too!  The Lakedale in Washington, Ten Thousand Waves in Santa Fe, NM, and The StarLux in New Jersey will all make you feel at home in your own fabulously fancy double-wide.