Indian theme weddings

Magenta, orange, purple, and yellow are just some of the colors I think of when I daydream about India. The inspiring hues and captivating decor would generate a one of a kind destination wedding. The plush pillows, silky fabrics, and rustic gold accents fit perfectly well with an exotic destination wedding.  And if you really want to make a grand entrance arrive to the ceremony or reception on an elephant! In traditional Indian weddings, elephants symbolize good luck and prosperity, so what better way to start your big day?!

Indian Weddings

{Photos: Top Left Dress: Kaninee Adsanatham, Right Dress: Beautiful Indian Brides, Elephant: Lark & Linen, Couple: Whitebox, Dresses: Hansiba, Lantern: Jonathan Canlas Photography via Marigolds and Mithai, Cake: Pinterest}


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  1. lovely images… all makes it even more beautiful if its a Royal Palace wedding in india

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