Pastel Pink + White Beach Wedding in Punta Cana


Lori and Ross live in Charlotte, NC but traveled to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for their destination wedding on a beautiful beach. The pair shared with us the details of their big day in the sand. We chose Punta Cana for its beautiful beaches and laid back vibe. Huracan Cafe was a no brainer the minute we saw the pictures. We loved the intimacy and rustic beach feel and knew it was going to be our new favorite place and it def is!




Voci_Sohm_Katya_Nova_Photography_loriross56_low Voci_Sohm_Katya_Nova_Photography_loriross532_low

The ceremony was our most favorite part because it was so special to us for us to be able to become a family and to have everyone we love in one place!  We also loved crazy hour!! We love being silly and it was seriously so much fun!! It made our wedding so unique!

Voci_Sohm_Katya_Nova_Photography_loriross419_low Voci_Sohm_Katya_Nova_Photography_loriross391_low Voci_Sohm_Katya_Nova_Photography_loriross390_low Voci_Sohm_Katya_Nova_Photography_loriross420_low Voci_Sohm_Katya_Nova_Photography_loriross456_low

The “I DO” light up sign was something that Huracan offered and we are so glad we used it because we love all the pictures! Almost every guest used it for some photo ops and created so many fun memories! Besides, no one else we know has had something that unique!

Voci_Sohm_Katya_Nova_Photography_loriross762_low Voci_Sohm_Katya_Nova_Photography_loriross770_lowVoci_Sohm_Katya_Nova_Photography_loriross109_lowVoci_Sohm_Katya_Nova_Photography_loriross235_low


Voci_Sohm_Katya_Nova_Photography_loriross23_lowVoci_Sohm_Katya_Nova_Photography_loriross31_low Voci_Sohm_Katya_Nova_Photography_loriross68_low


Voci_Sohm_Katya_Nova_Photography_loriross87_lowVoci_Sohm_Katya_Nova_Photography_loriross18_low Voci_Sohm_Katya_Nova_Photography_loriross21_low Voci_Sohm_Katya_Nova_Photography_loriross90_low Voci_Sohm_Katya_Nova_Photography_loriross287_low

We asked the couple for advice for future destination brides and grooms: Once you pick your location, trust the wedding coordinator and do not sweat the details. I was able to fully enjoy the planning process. I think that the reason of having a destination wedding is to keep it small and intimate so you can enjoy every minute of the day and since you are planning from afar the little things are out of your control! Trust that the coordinators know what they are doing and soak in every second bc it goes by sooo fast! 

Voci_Sohm_Katya_Nova_Photography_loriross914_lowVoci_Sohm_Katya_Nova_Photography_loriross922_low Voci_Sohm_Katya_Nova_Photography_loriross986_low Voci_Sohm_Katya_Nova_Photography_loriross951sig_low


And for the honeymoon? For our honeymoon, we switched resorts and stayed in Punta Cana for a few more days. We are glad we did because we didn’t have to have the hassle of traveling more and could actually relax and soak everything in!

Voci_Sohm_Katya_Nova_Photography_lorirosssunrise32_low Voci_Sohm_Katya_Nova_Photography_lorirosssunrise173sig_low Voci_Sohm_Katya_Nova_Photography_lorirosssunrise192_low

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Destination Wedding Photographer:  Katya Nova Photography

Wedding Vendors: Musicians: Crazy Hour & Fire Show – Hots Production, Equipment Rentals: EPC Events, Reception Venue: Huracan Cafe, Makeup Artist: Indira Mua Makeup Artist, Dress Designer: Modern Trousseau, Wedding Coordinator at Huracan Cafe: Natalia Roldan