Beautiful Black Tie Destination Wedding at Round Hill

Kerby and Michael hailed from the south down to Jamaica for their swanky black tie destination wedding at the beautiful Round Hill Hotel and Villas. Kerby was kind enough to give us a peek into the makings of this magical event in the Caribbean. We wanted a black tie, destination wedding, at an intimate location. Round Hill is just that. It is small, it is rich and feels exclusive. My vision for our wedding was elegant, formal, chic, classic and luxurious. Round Hill has the old Hollywood feel that I absolutely love. It is timeless. It offers many venues for wedding events–other than the beach! I am from Destin, Florida, some of the prettiest beaches in the world. But I only enjoy the beach to get a suntan. I wanted no part of a “beachy” wedding or wedding events on sand, but wanted our guests to enjoy a Caribbean vacation. Round Hill has amazing terraces, lush greenery and exquisite Villas. It is so dreamy.

Tiffani and Jimmy wedding at Grand Island Mansion in Walnut Grove, California.


Tiffani and Jimmy wedding at Grand Island Mansion in Walnut Grove, California.Tiffani and Jimmy wedding at Grand Island Mansion in Walnut Grove, California.

I opted for Black Tie simply because I wanted a formal wedding. It set the tone for our entire wedding weekend. My guests looked magnificent and the vision I had came to life. We should have had a red carpet ;) kidding.

We had four wedding events–Thursday night Cocktail Party, Friday night Rehearsal Dinner and Saturday Ceremony and Reception. We had each of the events at a different location on the property and they were all perfect. The food is wonderful and stunning. The staff is warm and genuine. 


We did not see each other before the ceremony, so walking down the isle and seeing each other for the first time was our favorite moment.

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We also thoroughly enjoyed our first dances. We danced to two of our favorite songs and it was a loving and fun first moment as husband and wife. 


We asked Kerby about the decision to host a destination wedding and advice for our readers planning one now. It’s the best decision we made. It can be intimidating and overwhelming, but find a place you love and you won’t regret it. If you are able to travel to your venue to plan, I would highly recommend it, especially if you are OCD like me:) 

I don’t like surprises so being hands on in the planning and face to face with the staff was an absolute must. We had two visits to Round Hill prior to our wedding weekend. Depending on your location and photographer, I would strongly suggest taking day-after pictures.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Destination Wedding Photographer:  Modernmade Weddings

Wedding Vendors: Shoes: Del Toro, Cinema and Video: Jamaican Wedding Videographer, Dress Designer: Naeem Khan, Event Venue, Cake, Catering + Hair: Round Hill Hotel and Villas, Invitations, Itineraries & Seating Cards: Paces Papers, Band: PACE Band, Ceremony Music: Classical Trio, Flowers: Tai Flora, Bridal Salon: Joan Pillow Bridal, Groom Tux: Custom, H Stockton, Bridesmaids: Zimmermann, Engagement and Wedding Rings: Brown & Company


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