Tobago Honeymoons

tobago honeymoonTobago is most commonly known as a diving island – where diehard divers go to enjoy the bounty of beauty throughout its brain coral reef, the largest in the world.  But what I discovered when I got to this rugged island with both an Atlantic and Caribbean coast is that it’s a bit more than just a rain forest above and below sea level, it’s a place for adventurous honeymooners to drop anchor or for couples take an intimate group for an oh-so private destination wedding.tobago honeymoon spotsNot the place you’ll find sprawling resorts or brand name hotels, Tobago is for the couple who prefers the road less traveled and the privacy of nature.  Although the island is small, if you enjoy the outdoors, you’ll find plenty of flora and fauna to keep you and your guests busy by day.  Hike through the protected rain forest (by guide only please), trek up to a working coco plantation to try chocolate straight from the vine (or the bean anyway), stop for a romantic moment atop a mountain in one of the gazebos at the estate, or take in the running of the leather back turtles burring their eggs on turtle beach if the timing is just right.  Mother Nature certainly filled this spot with plenty to marvel at on your honeymoon!Tobago Cocoa Plantation TourBut perhaps the most unique natural offering the island has to offer is what locals call the Nylon Pool, a three foot deep pool of seawater in the middle of the ocean.  Spend a day out on the sea and be sure to make a stop here!  It was named by Princess Margaret when on her honeymoon she noted the water was as clear as her stockings.  Legend has it, a dip in this natural wonder makes you ten years younger – a modern day fountain of youth in the middle of the Caribbean Sea.  With a floor made of old pieces of coral broken down into tiny grains of sand, the water becomes a nature defoliant.  More legends for lovers, it is also said that if you venture here and kiss your love under the water, your love will last forever.  Talk about sealing it with a kiss!  visit the nylon poolBeyond what gifts nature has given the island, come back tomorrow for part two of my Tobago trip and recommendations for where to wed, dine, and slumber when honeymooning here or celebrating your destination wedding with family and friends.