Tobago Destination Weddings and Honeymoons

So where to wed and spend your honeymoon on the lush and less-traveled island of Tobago?  The Villas at Stonehaven is the place we recommend you call home on the island.  Stonehaven TobagoA private gated collection of 18 villas, each carefully appointed and individually designed, these three bedroom homes away from home create the perfect setting for a gathering of celebrating with friends and family.  Wedding guests can take up residence with two other couples and enjoy lounging outside on the veranda during lunch in front of a private infinity pool.  By day, each villa enjoys cleaning service and a dedicated staff member to cater to your every need so that this home doesn’t feel too much like home.  At night, gather all your wedding guests for drinks in the lobby lounge and sunset overlooking Turtle Beach.  And should you find yourself high up in the clouds and not wanting to leave, the pool deck becomes a ceremony site for your nuptials while the veranda-like lobby is the perfect setting for your reception.stonehaven villasCome wedding day, head over to Pelican Point where your aisle is the postcard-worthy dock just off shore.  At sunset, move the reception to the beach and celebrate barefoot in the Caribbean sand.tobago pelican pointIf you’re a foodie but island fare isn’t your style, you’ll be happy to know Tobago’s cuisine is certainly above par with its neighbors.  A fusion of all its heritage influences, you’ll find Indian, Caribbean, and South American spices and delicacies on island.  Jemma’s Tree House is used to serving up heads of their state and visiting dignitaries but also makes for a perfect rehearsal dinner spot, family style, high above the sand (literally built in a tree).  Don’t go home without trying the lobster or bread pudding pie.  And for those thrill seekers looking for a local favorite hole in the wall, pay a visit to the window at Miss Trimms – the island’s signature crab bake and dumplings are at their finest at this shop.cuisine in tobagoWhen planning your Tobago trip, keep in mind the wet season is from July to December and while it’s a quicker trip from the East Coast, it typically requires transfer in Trinidad, its sister island.  Just off the coast of South America, this tiny island that was once a destination for Hollywood royalty and royalty alike and it’s quietly becoming home again to travelers looking to take in the rain forest and take time off from civilization.

Thanks to the Trinidad & Tobago Dept of Tourism for welcoming us to your islands!